Miss Kitty


Partyboy Bueller Live!

Weekdays 8:00am-12:00Noon (Central)


Miss Kitty started out as a traffic news and weather gal in Chicago named Carla Pool. She worked her way to Dallas where she had an opportunity to work on the Gioi DI Morning Show. Her dreams finally came true when she hosted the X-Factor dance music show that featured live DJs playing in the studio. When Miss Kitty arrived in Austin, she hosted nights and eventually mornings on Mega 93.3. She's now excited to be working with Partyboy Bueller Live! and creating the best show ever heard with Bueller and Bella Braxton.


Q: Who is your favorite artist on Pulse ATX? 

A: Right now my favorite artist would have to be Duke Dumont cuz it's the closest to house on the radio.

Q: What do you do when you're not playing on the radio?

A: In my time off I'm still listening and dancing to Chicago house music!

Q: What's your drink of choice?

A: Water and Diet Coke

Q: If you were stuck in the elevator with someone from the morning show who would it be and why?

A: Of course I would want to be stuck in an elevator with Partyboy Bueller because you know I'd have my purse and the things that we would find in there like glitter, eyelashes, nails we would have one great time we'd hope the elevator wouldn't work again.

Q: What causes and charities have a special place in your heart?

A: My absolute passion is Austin AIDS Society and I love the AIDS Services of Austin the David Powell Clinic and anything that I can do to get the word out and have a platform that yes AIDS is still around HIV it's being controlled but we need to educate and have awareness for our friends and loved ones. Of course I also love the Austin Humane Society it will always have my love and care

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